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I believe that every child can be taught.

Only by nurturing the child's interest towards Chinese, can he/she maximise their potential.

Please bring along your IPAD and MOBILE TABLET DEVICES for my lessons

15%> 35% >50% >65%>80%>95%

"I hate Chinese"

"...not anymore"

Home/Group Tuition


- Tailor-made lessons by local ex-school teacher

(40 years experience)

- Change negative attitude & enjoy learning

- Learn oral, comprehension,writing skills, cloze passage, summary, proverbs via exam papers, internet, newspaper, webcam, skype

-PSLE/O/A level/IB Oral Exam Preparation

-Learn to do project presentations/book reviews/newspaper articles

- Analyse top-school/PSLE/"O/A" level/IB past yr series

- 2 pax per group, 1 or 2 pax for home tuition

- Pri 5- Sec 4/A level/IB Chinese

- Sec 1 - 3 Higher Chinese

+ Results Guaranteed +

Since 1980

Mr. Kok 97641616

Reminder: Timings can be further negotiated. At the moment, a few of my students have cancelled their timings last minute due to CCA commitments or remedial lessons. Hence I am left with 5 home tuition slots and some group tuition slots.

For more info: 2015 Schedule

Home tuition:

*Mon 4.30-7.30pm (3 hrs)

-Prefer 1 lower sec and 1 upper sec student from same family staying in the west.

*Tue 2.30- 4pm lower sec

*Wed 12.30- 2pm (lower sec)

*2.30-4pm (Upper Sec)

*Thu 4.30- 7pm (2.5 hrs)

(Lower and Upp Sec in the same family living in east)

However do not be dismay as it may be possible that my students withdraw from their home tuition due to unforeseen reasons like CCAs and school remedial lessons. Contact me nevertheless and you will be put on waiting list for that preferred timing.

Rest assured I will contact you once the slot is vacant.

*[In the time where you are put on waiting list, i will offer free Skype services to temporarily guide your child in whatever difficulty he/she might be facing; homework,project,test etc.]*

For a start, SMS me for advice on how to improve your child's Chinese grades.

I am also considering starting an "Oral and Exam Skills' program at your place during the June holidays. So fret not if you aren't able to get your lesson slot now!


S1-3 Oral/Compo Hot topics from Top-Schs

In our tuition classes,we offer up-to-date materials such as this.