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I believe that every child can be taught.

Only by nurturing the child's interest towards Chinese, can he/she maximise their potential.

Please bring along your IPAD and MOBILE TABLET DEVICES for my lessons

15%> 35% >50% >65%>80%>95%

"I hate Chinese"

"...not anymore"

Home/Group Tuition


- Tailor-made lessons by local ex-school teacher

(40 years experience)

- Change negative attitude & enjoy learning

- Learn oral, comprehension,writing skills, cloze passage, summary, proverbs via exam papers, internet, newspaper, webcam, skype

-PSLE/O/A level/IB Oral Exam Preparation

-Learn to do project presentations/book reviews/newspaper articles

- Analyse top-school/PSLE/"O/A" level/IB past yr series

- 2 pax per group, 1 or 2 pax for home tuition

- Pri 5- Sec 4/A level/IB Chinese

- Sec 1 - 3 Higher Chinese

+ Results Guaranteed +

Since 1980

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Preparation lessons for SA1 has begun

With the exception of Sec 4 students whose Oral exam and other papers start in the middle of April, Sec 1 to 3 students usually begin their exams in end-April or beginning May.

On the other hand, Primary sch students start their exams on the 2nd week of May.

The process of a typical Chinese SA1 goes like this:

Oral --> Listening Compre -->Composition -->Written Paper

If your child did not do as desired for CA1, wait no more!

With a few weeks to the first SA1 paper, start booking your SA1 exam prep lessons with me for a holistic and effective preparation.

Home tuition slots are left with Tue, Wed and Thurs due to students with CCA commitments cancelling their slots .

Reminder: Timings can be further negotiated. At the moment, a few of my students have cancelled their timings last minute due to CCA commitments or remedial lessons. Hence I am left with home tuition slots and some group tuition slots.

For more info: 2015 Schedule

Home tuition:


*2.30 to 4pm prefer teaching (P6/ lower Sec) @ Orchard Rd

*4.30 to 6pm prefer teaching (Upper Sec) @ River Valley Area


*6 to 7.30pm Prefer teaching (upper Sec) @ Tanjong Rhu


S1-3 Oral/Compo Hot topics from Top-Schs

In our tuition classes,we offer up-to-date materials such as this.